Locals in Santiago, Chile awoke to a rare sight this past Saturday: snow. Reportedly the heaviest snowfall the Chilean capital has seen since 2007, the snow measured up to two inches in some areas and blanketed the entire city, turning Santiago into a classic winter wonderland. Residents were quick to embrace the magical scenery, especially those who had never seen snow in the city before during their lifetimes! The day was filled with residents gleefully examining the fluffy, white wonder so close to home, and children building snowmen and having snowball fights.

Santiago wasn’t the only place to receive a hefty snowfall this past weekend, the storm also hit the area’s two major ski resorts: Valle Nevado and Portillo. Valle Nevado alone received almost a foot of snow, blessing skiers and riders with fresh powder this weekend as the South American ski season nears its peak for the year, ending in the beginning of October.