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We’ve arrived in our final week of our Banff & Lake Louise Local Legends sweepstakes! Read on to see which questions Casey, Stavros and Rocket answered this week and which participants receive an extra 5 entries in our random drawing for a Banff and Lake Louise legendary ski vacation!

  1. After an amazing day on the slopes, where are the best parties/nightlife? (asked by Timothy Wayant)
  2. What’s the hardest, most aggressive “run” in Banff that’s not on the map? (asked by Adam Braverman)
  3. What is the drink of choice in Banff and Lake Louise? (asked by Jaime Lynn)

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Casey Bouius’s Answers:

Casey Bouius

Question 1: The best party in Banff… well there are so many places.  Banff is definitely the best place if you are into a party.  You can choose from several bars and night clubs. Country music and line dancing at Wild bills, live music at the Rose in Crown  or several Dance clubs with DJs. Personally I enjoy a few drinks at a regular bar with great beer selections, like St James Gate or the Banff Brewing company.  Then depending how the night goes I usually go for live music before a DJ.  As before the Rose & Crown in Banff or Wild Bills, which is not strictly country music (it has  a whole blend of music). Both these places have bands in on most weekends.  Wild Bills tends to be where a lot of great bands come to.  Then, if you are still  up for more partying, head to one of the night clubs to top off the night. On your way home, you will find several places for a late night snack.  Enjoy the party, Tim, but be sure not to over do it. As its all about ripping the best lines.

Question 2: Well Adam, it’s hard to explain as its not on the map… Why don’t I start with one that is on the map?  Look to the Wild West at Sunshine Village and a run called Luxton’s.  It’s not really that steep, but is very narrow. It’s  is about 2 to 3 meters wide with high rock walls on both sides. You have to straight-line the run for about 50 to 60 meters and charge a 2 to 3 meter-drop as you come out with considerable speed. Once you’re clear, be sure to hit the brakes as the trees come quickly.

Another aggressive run that comes to mind is Rocket Pocket, and this one is not on the map.  It’s a narrow, gnarly chute with a few mandatory airs that you must stick as its all a no fall zone.  The conditions have to be just right.  It starts with a few turns in a narrow chute with a 2 to 3-meter drop on to a cornice with a small landing zone.  You must stick this.  The next drop is right away, and it’s about 10 to 12 meters down to a really small pocket which has you straight lining out into an avi fan and into the meadows. This is all done on a slope around 45 to 50 degrees.  The run is fairly long, so you must be on your game as side slipping is not skiing.  Google it, as several people have posted their comments on the line. Best of luck.

Question 3: I am a Beer and Scotch drinker, so as for the best drink in town, I usually look for places that have a good selection of beers, so I can choose what flavor I feel like at the time.  There are several places in the area that offer a great selection. Although I have never tried it, there is a buzz around a drink that the Dancing Sasquatch offers. It’s called a Time Machine. Not sure if this is exactly what’s in it, but I have heard it is 2 ounces vodka, 1 ounce peach schnapps and a monster energy drink. That will keep you going for a while.

Stavros Carlos’s Answers:


Question 1: Obviously the best party is the one you’re at… right!?!  Banff has the most restaurants and nightclubs per capita in Canada and most likely North America.  The majority of bars are in a two-block radius in our phenomenal downtown core. Seven nights a week the local shredders are having a quick pre-drink at one of The Magger, Tommy’s, The Rose, The Elk or St. James’.  Following that, it’s speaker dancing, go-go time at the HoodDoo, Aurora or the Dancing Sasquatch.  I swear to you that you will not find a crazier late night apres scene in Canada. Period.

Question 2: So here’s the thing…  I’m not going to send someone off Megladon or Vortex or White Rabbit without knowing what they’re bringing to the table.  Finding locals, proving your skills and then buying them a romantic candlelight dinner (I enjoy virgin Mai Tai’s and pink roses) to take you to the best off-piste stashes is part of the fun of going to new areas. For highest-rated, in-bounds difficulty, Bre-X is a drunk billy goat’s wet dream. For sheer difficulty of ski challenge, try the annual Mountain Smoker at Norquay.  Three hours to slay as many laps as possible on the Lone Pine at Norquay… while wearing throwback, 1970s ski gear.  Let’s see how your sexy butt looks in frayed neon strechies.  Winner gets to go heli skiing… if you’re into that sort of thing.

Question 3: Banff has a Jaeger Bomb problem.  Weekly Jaeger Bomb Anon (JBA) meetings take place most nights at all bars in town.  Serenity now.

Rocket’s Answers:


Question 1:  There are a few places up and down the valley, Timothy. In Lake Louise, there is a place called The Explorer’s Lounge at The Lake Louise Inn Hotel. On the right night, the locals come from all over and light the place up. Lots of youthful exuberance better known as “shinanigans,” if that’s is the correct spelling;). In Banff town, The Dancing Sasquatch is the epitome of nightlife. A couple of other dancing bars are the Aurora and the HooDoo Lounge. All are worth writing home about, especially if your timing is good, and it always boils down to timing, eh?

Question 2: How about Post Card Gully on Cascade Mountain? When you get to Banff, stand on the main drag downtown which is Banff Ave. Look North and see the skiable feature that extends from near the peak into the valley. It is seldom skied, and timing is everything. Ain’t no other way up but walkin’, so one had better be confident in the snow stability call.

Question 3: To put it simply, BEER. If beer is not your thing try a Trash Can, Time Machineor a good ol’ fashion Caesar. Two out of those four might be considered a good breakfast drink too. Then again, who can refuse a delicious rum and coke press with a juicy lime? Or a G&T? I think many have woke up feeling a little seedy then asking how many Jaegermeister shots they had last night. May as well include the JaegerBomb too.

Well that does it for our Banff & Lake Louise Local Legends. We’d like to thank them for giving us all the insider intel and local lore, and we can’t wait to hear how our trip winner experiences Canada’s Big 3 ski resorts. You can still enter to win this week. Stay tuned for the announcement of the randomly drawn winner on Nov. 5, and check the list below to see if you received extra entries.

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  1. Ruthy Bennett
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  5. Carol Gabor Feduik
  6. Stephen Post
  7. Peter Urubshurow
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