The New Farmers’ Almanac 2017 winter weather forecast was just released, and there’s some good news for snow-starved East Coast skiers. The booklet, which has been published since 1818, is forecasting a frigid, snowy winter for much of the U.S., but conditions are expected to be above average for the Northeast and New England, as well as the Southeast.

The Farmers’ Almanac 2017 winter forecast

2017 Farmer's Almanac Winter Forecast

The Farmers’ Almanac 2017 prediction states that winter will start out quite cold and as early as mid-November, which is a boon for New England ski resorts hoping to blow early-season snow. From there, temperatures are expected to get colder, with a wintry mix in mid-December to January. February will be the coldest. Temperatures could drop as low as -40°F in Northern states, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. They’re also forecasting an active storm track for February for the Southeast, Northeast and New England.

What about the West?

The Farmers’ Almanac predicts that February will bring an active storm track from the Pacific to Western states, which will provide Western skiers with above-normal precipitation. For the most part, temperatures and precipitation in the West will be normal to below average.

How accurate is the Farmer’s Almanac?

The New Farmers’ Almanac’s (different than the Old Farmers’ Almanac) long-range predictions are not made using computer satellite tracking equipment, but via a reliable set of rules that were developed back in 1818 by David Young, the Almanac’s first editor. These rules have been changed a bit over the years and amended into a formula that is mathematical and astronomical. The formula factors in things like the moon’s tidal activity, sunspot movement and the position of the planets, as well as a variety of other things that are, in fact, secret. The only person who knows this proprietary secret formula is a Farmers’ Almanac prognosticator who goes by the pseudonym of Caleb Weatherbee. Despite the Farmers’ Almanac’s clandestine equation, many long-time followers claim that the forecasts are 80 to 85 percent accurate.

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