Two weeks ago, several Chilean ski resorts, including Portillo and Valle Nevado, were blessed with uber-early snow storms. Usually, premature snow isn’t cause to get all excited for an especially powdery ski season, but that’s not the case here. According to Direccion Meteorologia de Chile, Chilean ski resorts can expect more snow in 2016 than 2015, thanks to the lingering effects of El Nino.

El Nino 2016 Chile, El Nino 2016 South America snow
Valle Nevado received an early blanket of snow on April 18. | Photo: Valle Nevado

Arnaldo Zuniga, the head of broadcasting and monitoring at Direccion Meteorologia de Chile is particularly hopeful for bountiful early-season accumulation. According to an interview in Urbana Platform Zuniga says, “The scenario now, in terms of precipitation compared to 2015, is far more auspicious [favorable]. From now until June, a greater amount of snow should be seen.”

What does this mean for the 2016 ski season in Chile?

The forecasted early-season storms should provide a great base for Chilean ski resorts, and will likely allow some to open early. Perhaps even as early as mid-May. Typically, Chilean resorts open mid June and close in early October. Additionally, the significant early base will set up the ski resorts for awesome conditions for the rest of the season.

El Nino Valle Nevado, Valle Nevado Opening Dates, Portillo Opening Dates
Actual snow conditions at Valle Nevado on April 30, 2016. | Photo: Valle Nevado

Projected 2016 opening dates at top Chilean resorts

We suspect some of these dates might change in the coming weeks based on new snowfall, so stay tuned on the Blog.

Valle Nevado: July 1
Portillo: June 25
Corralco: June 18
Termas de Chillan: June 23

With a favorable forecast for Chilean ski resorts, now is a great time to book your “summer” ski vacation. Our 65+ Mountain Travel Experts are standing by at 800-610-8911 or you can get started by filling out a form for a free custom quote.