If you’ve been sitting at a computer today, you’ve undoubtedly already seen this cinematic masterpiece. If you haven’t, we’re thrilled to share this preview of Afterglow, a short film by Sweetgrass Productions.

Here are the quick details: the best pro skiers, ripping deep pillows and steep spines in British Columbia and Alyeska, AT NIGHT, wearing LED lightsuits.

“It’s two parts creativity, one part branded content and a pinch of masochism for good measure,” explains Sweetgrass Productions. Yes, and in our opinion, it’s 100% what dreams are made of.

Afterglow, full film

AFTERGLOW – Full Film by Sweetgrass Productions from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.

Afterglow, Lightsuit Segment

AFTERGLOW – Lightsuit Segment from Sweetgrass Productions on Vimeo.