Have you ever had a “perfect day”? The kind where you wouldn’t change a single thing from the people you were with and the places you went to, to the things you did there? That sentiment seemed to be a theme this past weekend within myself and nearly everyone I came across. One of those days where between the time you put your boots on in the morning and when you finally take them off 10 or so hours later, you experience the full effect of this culture we love. From bluebird skiing and riding on your favorite mountain with a handful of your friends or family members to an outdoor après session in the sun where you reminisce over the turns you just took. My sun-kissed skin, wobby legs and perma-grin were similar to those of the people I encountered along the way over the weekend and I was reminded of that feeling of camaraderie I love about this culture – that feeling of, “Yeah, this is pretty great.” I hope you get a “perfect day” in soon!