8 things we love about ski vacations

With eight days left in 2014, we’re reflecting on all the things we love about ski vacations, from the giddy anticipation you feel prior to your trip to the powder-day payoffs. The act of packing up, traveling to your favorite ski resort and indulging in a few days of pure fun is why we do what we do here at Ski.com. Here are a few of our favorite landmarks on the magical ski-trip journey.

The hunt.

Some skiers visit the same resort each year, but others seek out the next great experience. And the search is so much fun. Possibilities are endless with 120+ ski resorts, each offering a different flavor. Watch our new video resort guides >>>

The irony of it all is that your ski-trip bucket lists never really get shorter, as each new experience adds five new ideas. Once you get a taste of dry Kootenay powder, you’ll want to ski every resort on the Powder Highway. And after your first taste of Savoyard fare in the French Alps, you’ll add cheese to your ski-trip diet.

The anticipation.

Once your trip is on the books, the giddy excitement sets in. It’s perfectly normal to check the snow forecast three times a day!

The powder days (aka the payoff).

When you get lucky and end up at the right place at the right time, it’s truly a magical feeling. But let’s face it; any day you’re skiing is a good day.

The hot tubs.

A dip in the Jacuzzi has never felt as good as it does after a day on the slopes. Add a cold drink and softly falling snow, and you have a veritable snow-globe scene.

The mountain photo opps.

A ski trip isn’t complete without some good visual evidence of how much fun you had, and all ski resorts have great spots to snap a photo. From the professional action shots to the posed moments in front of panoramic views, we love the results of ski-trip photo ops. Don’t forget to smile as you slalom ski toward the camera!

The après ski.

Mom had it right when we were kids; an afternoon snack really makes your day. Après ski is the perfect indulgence, whether you’re sipping a hot toddy or just refueling with a hot soup and a sandwich.

The post-trip swagger.

Unlike any other type of vacation, you stand a little taller after a ski trip, knowing that you challenged yourself. Your stories might get bigger and better over time, but those skiing milestones are yours to keep.

The tradition.

It’s hard to put into words what an annual ski vacation can mean to a family or group of friends, but we see our clients form lifelong bonds and indelible memories on these short forays into the mountains. This quirky pastime was once taught to us on a bunny slope, and we will joyfully carry it on to the next generation.

If you’re ready to start your ski-trip journey this year, we’re ready to help you on your way. Request a quote or call us at 800-610-8911.

About Author: Alex Boyd


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