We say this a lot—and we hear this a lot from our clients who are using our services for the first time—ski trips are some of the most complicated trips you can book. We’re going to toot our horns a little bit here, but that’s why more than a million skiers and riders have turned to us over the last 45-plus years to book their ski trips. There are a lot of logistics to figure out when planning a trip to the mountains. But that’s why they’re so great, too. They’re secluded and get you away from it all. Now, we’re making it even easier and packaging curated guided ski trips to two of the most powdery meccas in the world: Japan and the Powder Highway.

Here’s why you might want to consider a guided ski trip for your next big overseas or outside the U.S. vacation:

  1. They save you time

    When you book a guided ski trip, you get a piece of your life back. Overseas ski trips, if booked on your own, require a lot of research time from where you want to go and lodging options to airfare and flight and ground transportation itineraries. On a guided ski trip, all you have to do is spend a couple seconds providing your credit card number.

  2. You get right to the super secret powder stashes

    skiing at revelstoke mountain resortPhoto: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

    The local ski guides know the ins and outs of the mountain, including latest snowfall, wind conditions and aspect, meaning they can get you to the good stuff right off the bat. Along with the secret powder stashes, the guides can also teach you about the mountain’s history and various other fun facts.

  3. You’ll get to enjoy the best hand-picked off-mountain experiences

    You don’t have to wonder if you’re missing out on anything. The local guides and trip leaders are full of insider recommendations, like where you can find the best local ramen shop near Niseko or where you can play a couple games of pin bowling in Revelstoke.

  4. You don’t need to worry about staying on schedule

    skiers having fun at red mountain ski resortPhoto: Red Mountain Ski Resort

    If you’re someone who gets travel anxiety or perpetually forgetting or missing appointments, guided trips are perfect for you as the itineraries are all set in stone. All you have to do is make it on to your flight.

  5. The accommodations have been vetted

    Going to a new destination and staying in a hotel you’ve never been can be a little daunting, but our trip leaders have already been to these destinations and have vetted them to make sure you’ll be comfortable and happy.

  6. You’ll come back with new friends

    Guided ski trips are also awesome whether you want to travel solo or with a couple friends or a spouse. You’ll find yourself in a group of like-minded, adventurous skiers and riders, and before long you’ll be high-fiving each other after every chest-deep run. Who knows, they may even become life-long friends.