Whether you’ve got snow on the brain or not, it’s time to kick-start yourself into ski vacation planning gear, especially if you’re looking to save money on your next ski trip. Here’s five reasons why (as demonstrated by Game of Thrones memes):

  1. Many early booking deals expire soon

    He who plans ahead, stays ahead. Many of the best deals’ book-by dates are ending as early as Sept. 15. Others expire in October and November, so nailing down a decision within the next two months is critical for bargain-hunters.


  2. You can lock in lower airfare prices

    Seats into ski country are limited, and are mostly on relatively small planes going into small airports. To get your desired itinerary and connection, book early.

  3. Peace of mind

    If you book early you won’t waste time researching countless websites for the best deals and you won’t have to scramble at the last minute only to discover your favorite hotel at your favorite ski resort has no availability. Once your ski vacation is on the books you can rest assured that you’ve saved the most money and have set yourself up for an incredible, stress-free ski vacation. All that’s left to do is to sit upon your throne and daydream about the bottomless powder you’re going to carve up.

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  4. Secure your desired accommodations

    If you’re planning on a ski vacation during peak holiday weeks, it’s absolutely imperative that you book early if you want to pin down your preferred lodging, especially if you’re aiming to stay in a ski in, ski out property. Ski in, ski out or slopeside accommodations are like beachfront, there’s a finite number and they sell out quick!

  5. Winter is Coming

    If you’re like a Stark of Winterfell your life revolves around thinking about or preparing for winter. Before you know it winter will be upon us, in fact it has already snowed in ski country! Thus, the time is nigh to book your ski vacation. If winter is far from your mind and you’re still hanging on to summer (like a Tyrell of Highgarden), you might be left out in the cold in terms of lodging availability and savings when you do finally decide to book.

    winter is coming, book your ski vacation early, reasons to book your ski vacation early