It’s official. NOAA has announced that the presence of La Nina conditions are 65-75% likely, which is a darn good statistic for anyone planning on skiing or riding in the Northwestern U.S., Alaska or British Columbia in the 2017-18 season. Plus, chances of La Nina conditions persisting through April 2018 are more than 50% likely, according to a Nov. 9, 2017 NOAA report.

What is La Nina?

La Nina, is the cooling of the ocean of more than 0.5°C (or 1°F), causes the jet stream to take a more northern track from the Pacific Ocean  towards the U.S. This increases the chance of snow across the Pacific Northwest, and also can decrease snowfall across southern states.

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Which ski resorts are favored by La Nina?

For the powder hungry, we comprised a list of resorts which typically receive more than normal snowfall during La Nina years. Scroll to learn more.