After its previous announcement that there was a better than average change of La Niña conditions affecting the western USA this season, NOAA recently confirmed that La Niña conditions will remain in effect through the spring of 2022. If you love skiing in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Northern Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, you know La Niña is great news in terms of deep snow.’s Mountain Travel Experts are standing by, ready to craft the perfect powder ski vacation imaginable. Get a free quote today and start thinking SNOW! Interested in heli skiing or cat skiing? We can help with that too!

What is La Nina?

where to ski during la nina
Notice the northern positioning of the jet stream | Photo Credit: NOAA

La Niña, is the general cooling of the Equatorial region of Pacific Ocean, where the temperature must dip more than 0.5°C (or 1°F) below average. When those Pacific waters lose heat content, the jet stream is pushed further north, taking a track that delivers more favorable cold and snowy conditions to areas of the Pacific Northwest, Canada, Alaska, and the Northern Rockies (Montana, Wyoming, Idaho). It also typically delivers warmer than average temps as well as decreased snowfall to states such as Arizona and New Mexico.

Which ski resorts are favored by La Niña?

For the powder hungry, we comprised a list of resorts which typically receive more than normal snowfall during La Niña years. Scroll to learn more.

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