Alaska Ski Resorts

Experience the "last frontier" of adventure with a ski trip to Alaska. Known for it's incredible sea to sky peaks, abundant snow and uncrowded, untracked slopes, Alyeska Resort is a world-class ski destination that caters to intermediate and expert skiers and snowboarders. At its highest elevations, this classic Alaska ski resort boasts an annual average snowfall of 669". Besides the great skiing, The Hotel Alyeska offers a luxury lodging experience that serves as the perfect place to unwind after a day of skiing the Chugach Mountains.

Heli Ski Alaska

Upgrade this bucket-list destination by tacking on a day of heli skiing with Chugach Powder Guides or Majestic Heli Ski on to your Alaska ski vacation.


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Map of Alaska Ski Resorts

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Vacation Expert Tip

To maximize your Alaska ski trip, opt to base your trip out of Alyeska so you can experience resort skiing and heli-skiing in one fell swoop. Plus, if the weather doesn't allow for a day in the bird, you can still get turns in.

Alyeska Resort