Pond skims are a closing day tradition; they’re the last chance to gather up your guts and go for glory. There’s always some carnage involved as skiers and snowboarders inevitably overshoot the pool or cannon-ball into the icy water, but the crowd rallies behind those who go big and cheers loudest for the most impressive crashes.

Big Sky Resort took this year’s wet and wild festivities to the next level and put all other pond skim events to shame. As the biggest resort in the United States, Big Sky has a reputation to uphold, but their locals and visitors launched bigger, crashed harder and undoubtedly celebrated louder. Watch Big Sky’s compilation of their 2014 Pond Skim, complete with an underwater cam, super slow-mo and unbelievable wipe-outs in this video below.

We were a bit nervous to post this video until we learned that the young lady who heroically skims all the way across the pond but then explodes (at 1:46) was fine. Her crash will go down as one of the most spectacular in pond skim history! We hope everyone else walked away with only good memories as souvenirs of the day. 

We suggest a longer pond next year! If you’d like start thinking about a Big Sky vacation this summer or next winter, chat with a Ski.com Mountain Travel Expert now or give us a call at 800-610-8911.