Neal Partick floats down the Headwall

[All photos courtesy of The Rolling Van /]

At the beginning of this week, the Jackson Hole forecast called for snow, snow, and more snow. One thing that was notably absent from the 7-day projection was the word, “sun.” But as luck would have it, the Dream Job hires woke up on Wednesday to 11″ of fresh accompanied by bluebird skies.

Under the guidance of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort personnel, we boarded the early gondola and were treated to fresh tracks all the way down to the Thunder Chairlift. The experience was pure joy for Dream Job hires, Aaron Macrae and Matt Chick AKA The Rolling Van.

Oh where, oh where shall we ski today?

Riding up the chair, we set our sights on the nearby Headwall run and started making our way to the inconic “Pepi’s Step” hike. After 15 minutes of semi-strenuous climbing, the group arrived at the top of the Headwall to crisp blue skies with intermittent clouds.

Earning turns on the Jackson Hole Headwall

Hailing from Quebec, the two hires couldn’t believe their eyes and had to take a moment to soak it all in.

Matthew Chick getting the job done atop the Headwall

Once they’d caught their breath, the group eagerly dropped into the Coombs run and the conditions were DEEP.

Unbeatable views, unbeatable turns on “Coombs”
Neal Partick making it look easy

As the morning powder rush subsided, Matt and Aaron headed to the trees to lap up the plethora of leftover powder stashes. With tired legs, the crew finally called it around 3:30pm and rallied into town to catch scenic shots of the Elk Refuge.

A herd of Elk grazes below the watch of the Grand Teton (upper right)

With the sun finally setting behind the Tetons and stomachs rumbling for a taste of local cuisine, we headed to The Kitchen, where everyone enjoyed unique dishes that included everything from Pork Belly Ramen to Confit Duck Leg.

Authentic pork belly ramen in wild Wyoming
Duck Confit Leg served atop farro-barley risotto and tart cherry-port wine gastrique

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