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Rui Duque

St Anton - great snow, awesome apres ski

Challenging resort with steep slopes, certainly not for beginners but with the best snow and of course Mooserwirt, probably the best apres ski place in the Alps. Will definitively be back sometime.
Edvard in Grosse pointe

St. Anton, Lech and Zurs is the best!

Skiing St. Anton am Arlberg is where skiing was born. It usually gets more snow than other areas of the Alps. The town of St. Anton has all the convinences...shops, resturants, grocies and near by gondolas and lifts. When you want to do some exploring, skiing over to lech and Zurs is do-able, bus buses are always standing by to take you over to lots of great skiing.

There's a lot of night life, but skiing was our main conncern and jumping into a cozy bed was the best. We will most certainly be back.