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  • 500 in of annual snowfall
  • 1201 total skiable acres
  • Top elevation 10036 ft, base 7988 ft
  • 14% beginner, 62% intermediate, 0% advanced, 1% expert
  • Projected opening: 11/15/2013
  • ProjectedClosing 04/20/2014
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Solitude Ski Resort

Utah’s Big Cottonwood Canyon often sees some of the best snow of Salt Lake City ski resorts and Solitude’s annual 500 inches of snowfall is no exception. If fresh, deep snow is high on your ski vacation laundry list, Solitude should certainly be a top-choice. Solitude ski resort shares access with Brighton ski resort, via the Sol-Bright ticket. So take advantage of their combined terrain. Individually, Solitude is home to the famously fun and challenging Honeycomb Canyon terrain, and a slew of intermediate trails on the frontside of the mountain. Beginners are also well-represented, making a Solitude ski vacation an ideal option for families looking for a laid back resort with varied terrain options.

Solitude’s Big Cottonwood Canyon also serves as a destination for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and backcountry adventures. In fact, Solitude has a dedicated Nordic trail system on looker’s left of the resort.

Solitude, unlike Alta, Snowbird, Park City and Canyons, sees fewer passengers, making it a great place to beat the crowds—and find fresh powder days after the storm—on your Salt Lake City ski vacation. Plus, Solitude is conveniently located less than a half hour from Salt Lake City, and just 14 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon, making it an easy decision if convenience is high on your list. 

Ski Solitude

Although it’s best known for its 1,200-acre expert skiers paradise, Honeycomb Canyon, intermediates are well served with tons of frontside tree runs and cruising boulevards, and access to the top of the mountain via Summit Express chairlift. Advanced intermediates can enjoy Honeycomb Canyon’s Honey Trail, which is the resort’s longest descent at three and a half miles. Beginners have plenty of terrain options off three Solitude ski resort chairlifts: Sunrise, Moonbeam Express and Link.

Give this easygoing Salt Lake City ski resort a shot, you won’t be disappointed. Speak or chat with one of’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists to book your Solitude ski vacation.

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null, "PostalCode": "84121", "Id": 0, "Culture": null }, "Location": { "Coordinates": [ -111.601112, 40.626482 ] }, "Id": "33367", "Culture": null }, { "Name": "St. Bernards", "Address": { "Description": null, "Line1": "12000 E Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd", "Line2": null, "Line3": null, "City": "Brighton", "State": "UT", "Country": null, "PostalCode": "84121", "Id": 0, "Culture": null }, "Location": { "Coordinates": [ -111.60111, 40.626489 ] }, "Id": "77389", "Culture": null } ], "EquipmentRentalLocations": [], "IsAvailableOnline": true, "SkiAreas": null, "LodgingRoute": "/solitude-resort-lodging", "SpecialsRoute": "/solitude-resort-deals", "MapRoute": "/solitude-resort-map", "GettingThereRoute": "/how-to-get-to-solitude-resort", "SnowReportRoute": "/solitude-resort-snow-reports", "GroupsRoute": "/solitude-resort-groups", "ReviewsRoute": "/solitude-resort-expert-reviews", "Name": "Solitude Resort", "Route": "/solitude-resort", "Id": 48, "Culture": null } }, "LocalizedText": { "Reviews": 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"TemperatureHigh": 65, "TemperatureLow": 49 }, { "Conditions": "partlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-07-15T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 61, "TemperatureLow": 46 }, { "Conditions": "clear", "SkyConditions": "mostlysunny", "Date": "2014-07-16T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 60, "TemperatureLow": 45 }, { "Conditions": "clear", "SkyConditions": "mostlysunny", "Date": "2014-07-17T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 60, "TemperatureLow": 46 }, { "Conditions": "partlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-07-18T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 60, "TemperatureLow": 44 }, { "Conditions": "partlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-07-19T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 60, "TemperatureLow": 32 } ], "Pressure": 14.674000000000001, "ReportingCity": "Holladay", "ReportingState": "UT", "ReportingCountry": "US", "CurrentTemperature": 53, "CurrentVisibility": 0, "CurrentWindDirection": "NE", "CurrentWindForce": 0, "CurrentWindGustForce": 0, "Id": "solitude", "Culture": null }, "SnowToday": { "SkiArea": { "TotalLifts": 8, "TotalLiftsOpen": 0, "SkiableArea": 0, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Solitude Resort", "Route": "/solitude-resort", "Id": 48, "Culture": null }, "Id": "solitude", "Culture": null }, "Resort": { "Name": "Solitude Resort", "Route": "/solitude-resort", "Id": 48, "Culture": null }, "BaseDepth": 0, "TopDepth": 0, "OffslopeBaseDepth": 0, "OffslopeMidDepth": 0, "OffslopeTopDepth": 0, "IsOpen": false, "PercentageLiftsOpen": 0, "PercentageOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenExpertRuns": 0, "NumberOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "NumberOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "NumberOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "NumberOpenExpertRuns": 0, "ReportedSnowfall": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast48": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast72": 0, "Date": "2014-07-13T00:00:00Z", "TemperatureBottom": 33, "TemperatureTop": 35, "TemperatureMax": 43, "TemperatureMin": 41, "VisibilityTop": "Good", "VisibilityBottom": "Good", "WindDirectionTop": "9", "WindDirectionBottom": "9", "WindForceBottom": 20, "WindForceTop": 31, "Id": "solitude", "Culture": null }, "SkiArea": { "TrailMaps": null, "AnnualSnowfall": 500, "SkiableArea": 1201, "BaseElevation": 7988, "TopElevation": 10036, "PercentageBeginnerRuns": 14, "PercentageIntermediateRuns": 62, "PercentageAdvancedRuns": 0, "PercentageExpertRuns": 1, "ProjectedOpeningDate": "2013-11-15T00:00:00Z", "ProjectedCloseDate": "2014-04-20T00:00:00Z", "OnTheSnowId": 413, "Location": null, "NumberOfDoubleChairLifts": 2, "NumberOfTripleChairLifts": 1, "NumberOfQuadChairLifts": 2, "NumberOfGondolas": 0, "NumberOfHighSpeedQuadChairLifts": 3, "NumberOfHighSpeedSixChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfSurfaceLifts": 0, "VerticalDrop": 2043, "YearOpened": 1959, "HasNordic": true, "HasSkiing": true, "HasTerrainPark": true, "LiftCapactiy": 12550, "TotalRuns": 58, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Solitude Resort", "Route": "/solitude-resort", "Id": 48, "Culture": null }, "Id": "solitude", "Culture": null } }, "useMetres": "false", "tempUnit": "F", "depthUnit": "in", "unitFormat": "imperial", "distanceUnit": "miles", "areaUnit": "acres", "elevationUnit": "ft", "TemperatureHigh": 63, "TemperatureLow": 48, "ReviewCount": 0 } Top