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  • 0 in of annual snowfall
  • 51 total skiable acres
  • Top elevation 2256 ft, base 860 ft
  • 0% beginner, 9% intermediate, 82% advanced, 0% expert
  • Projected opening: 12/07/2013
  • ProjectedClosing 04/21/2014
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Innsbruck Ski Resort

If you’re all about options, then there’s nothing that can top an Innsbruck ski vacation. Internationally known as the “Capital of the Alps,” and a two-time host of the Winter Olympic Games—in 1964 and 1976—Innsbruck is one of the greatest ski cities in the world. This Tyrolean metropolis is surrounded by some of the best skiing in Austria. It’s truly a ski getaway like no other: a high alpine and urban experience all-rolled-into-one. It’s a premier destination for those who seek a broader European experience than simply skiing.  Nestled into a narrow valley beneath rugged mountain peaks, Innsbruck offers Old-World beauty and culture, including museums, galleries, restaurants, nightlife and shopping. Other don’t-miss activities include sleigh rides, tobogganing and even an exhilarating ride on the Olympic Bobsled run. Stay in the city and sample its nine ski resorts—also known as Olympia SkiWorld—to get an idea of which area fits your skiing and vacation preferences to a T. 

Ski Innsbruck 

Innsbruck’s expansive Olympia SkiWorld offers every skier—of any level—a plethora of terrain options to choose from. Beginner to intermediates will feel the most comfortable at Igls and Mutters, thanks to their wide-open, meandering trails.  Advanced to expert skiers will enjoy Patscherkofel and Nordpark, which are accessed via a series of lifts at the edge of the city. Both resorts offer steep, challenging runs sure to please skiers looking for a thrill. Lizum, which was developed for the 1976 Olympics, has a wide variety of trails for everyone.  At Lizum intermediates will love experiencing a run on the Women's Downhill Course.

And don’t miss the Stubai Glacier area with 18 lifts and 35 miles of well-groomed runs. Its vertical rise of 4,790 feet guarantees great snow conditions and skiing into July—and even year round—sometimes.  Other new resorts are Schlick 2000, Rangger Köpfl and Kühtai, one of the highest ski areas in Austria, at 6,617 feet.  

Your Innsbruck Ski Vacation Package

Take advantage of the many resorts and experiences and book your Innsbruck ski vacation today. Our experienced Mountain Vacation Specialists can help you determine which of the many Innsbruck lodging options and ski resorts will best suit your needs and preference. They can customize your ski vacation package for you to include components like discounted airfare and ground transportation so you don't have to spend any extra time searching for the best deal and working out travel dates. Call or click to chat with one of our specialists today.

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"Coordinates": [ 11.3913686, 47.2678377 ] }, "Id": "12183", "Culture": null }, { "Name": "Hilton Innsbruck", "Address": null, "Location": { "Coordinates": [ 11.3954401, 47.2619174 ] }, "Id": "12382", "Culture": null } ], "RestaurantLocations": [], "EquipmentRentalLocations": [], "IsAvailableOnline": true, "SkiAreas": null, "LodgingRoute": "/innsbruck-lodging", "SpecialsRoute": "/innsbruck-deals", "MapRoute": "/innsbruck-map", "GettingThereRoute": "/how-to-get-to-innsbruck", "SnowReportRoute": "/innsbruck-snow-reports", "GroupsRoute": "/innsbruck-groups", "ReviewsRoute": "/innsbruck-expert-reviews", "Name": "Innsbruck", "Route": "/innsbruck", "Id": 66, "Culture": null } }, "Widgets": null, "LocalizedText": { "Reviews": "Reviews", "CustomerReviews": "Customer Reviews", "CustomerReviewsDescription": "Customer reviews are written by our customers.", "DestinationReviews0": "%1$s Customer Reviews", "DestinationDoesNotHaveAnyReviews0": "There are no customer reviews for %1$s", 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"TemperatureHigh": 22, "TemperatureLow": 12 }, { "Conditions": "chancerain", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-22T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 15, "TemperatureLow": 7 }, { "Conditions": "partlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "mostlysunny", "Date": "2014-09-23T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 21, "TemperatureLow": 6 }, { "Conditions": "mostlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "mostlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-24T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 19, "TemperatureLow": 9 }, { "Conditions": "partlycloudy", "SkyConditions": "partlycloudy", "Date": "2014-09-25T00:00:00Z", "SnowfallDaytime": 0, "SnowfallTotal": 0, "TemperatureHigh": 19, "TemperatureLow": 8 } ], "Pressure": 1018, "ReportingCity": "Innsbruck", "ReportingState": "{}", "ReportingCountry": "OS", "CurrentTemperature": 14, "CurrentVisibility": 10, "CurrentWindDirection": "SE", "CurrentWindForce": 0, "CurrentWindGustForce": 0, "Id": "innsbruck", "Culture": null }, "SnowToday": { "SkiArea": { "TotalLifts": 8, "TotalLiftsOpen": 0, "SkiableArea": 0, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Innsbruck", "Route": "/innsbruck", "Id": 66, "Culture": null }, "Id": "innsbruck", "Culture": null }, "Resort": { "Name": "Innsbruck", "Route": "/innsbruck", "Id": 66, "Culture": null }, "BaseDepth": 0, "TopDepth": 0, "OffslopeBaseDepth": 0, "OffslopeMidDepth": 0, "OffslopeTopDepth": 0, "IsOpen": false, "PercentageLiftsOpen": 0, "PercentageOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "PercentageOpenExpertRuns": 0, "NumberOpenBeginnerRuns": 0, "NumberOpenAdvancedRuns": 0, "NumberOpenIntermediateRuns": 0, "NumberOpenExpertRuns": 0, "ReportedSnowfall": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast48": 0, "ReportedSnowfallLast72": 0, "Date": "2014-09-12T00:00:00Z", "TemperatureBottom": 2, "TemperatureTop": -1, "TemperatureMax": -2, "TemperatureMin": -1, "VisibilityTop": "", "VisibilityBottom": "", "WindDirectionTop": "-1", "WindDirectionBottom": "-1", "WindForceBottom": 0, "WindForceTop": 40, "Id": "innsbruck", "Culture": null }, "SkiArea": { "TrailMaps": null, "AnnualSnowfall": 0, "SkiableArea": 51, "BaseElevation": 860, "TopElevation": 2256, "PercentageBeginnerRuns": 0, "PercentageIntermediateRuns": 9, "PercentageAdvancedRuns": 82, "PercentageExpertRuns": 0, "ProjectedOpeningDate": "2013-12-07T00:00:00Z", "ProjectedCloseDate": "2014-04-21T00:00:00Z", "OnTheSnowId": 189, "Location": { "Coordinates": [ 11.38333321, 47.28333282 ] }, "NumberOfDoubleChairLifts": 2, "NumberOfTripleChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfQuadChairLifts": 2, "NumberOfGondolas": 3, "NumberOfHighSpeedQuadChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfHighSpeedSixChairLifts": 0, "NumberOfSurfaceLifts": 1, "VerticalDrop": 1399, "YearOpened": 1928, "HasNordic": false, "HasSkiing": true, "HasTerrainPark": false, "LiftCapactiy": 3000, "TotalRuns": 0, "Name": null, "Resort": { "Name": "Innsbruck", "Route": "/innsbruck", "Id": 66, "Culture": null }, "Id": "innsbruck", "Culture": null } }, "DestinationReviews": [], "useMetres": "false", "tempUnit": "F", "depthUnit": "in", "unitFormat": "imperial", "distanceUnit": "miles", "areaUnit": "acres", "elevationUnit": "ft", "TemperatureHigh": 26, "TemperatureLow": 13, "ReviewCount": 0 }