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Mike Casey

Great Time @ Crested Butte

We had a great time! Tom, our "Mountain Vacation Specialist" really knows his stuff. From beginning to end, everything went off without a hitch! It is so nice, not to have to think, when on vacation. The shuttle was right there, check-in was a breeze. No problem with lift tickets. This is our 3rd trip using Tom and, and it surely will not be our last. Great job everyone!!!
Barbara in Bellevue

Crested Butte is a very nice ski mtn.

The ski trails are laid out really well and comfortable for all types of skiers. There was not any natural snow but the grooming on man-made was excellent. The lifts are a little slow but in bright sunshine, not an issue. The photographers were well placed and took great pictures. Everyone working on the mtn. was very friendly and helpful. Hopefully next time we ski at CB, there will be more natural snow.
Ben in Houston

Crested Butte ROCKS!

Crested Butte is awesome.
1) Everyone we came into contact with was friendly.
2) The mountain and snow were perfect (40+ inches base) and it snowed every day while we were there. The Greens here are a little faster in some places than other Greens I've done. Especially the last part down to the Resort area is a little steep for beginners.
3) We took one full day of lessons and the instructors were patient and very good. I survived Rick "the Hun"! The wife, kids and I were up and skiing on the first day.
4) The lifts were nice and fast. With very short lines even on a Saturday. Thursday and Friday we had virtually no wait time for the lifts.
5) Shuttle from Gunnison Airport to Crested Butte (easy!).
6) There is FREE bus service between Mt. Crested Butte (the resort) and the town of Crested Butte (no car needed). We went in for dinner at a place called Secret Stash (eclectic with great pizzas). Also went to Clark's Market for some supplies so we didn't have to eat at the resort restaurants every day.
7) The bar at the Elevation Inn and Spa is very nice. Good sliders there.

Overall just a great place to visit. Wish we didn't have to leave.
Tonia in Mansfield

Crested Butte was awesome!

1. The weather was cold like other ski areas.
2. We had condo with three flight of stairs. The first floor was coming in, the second floor was the living room, and kitchen, and third floor was the beds.
3. We went on a sleigh ride dinner, plus my family went snowmobiling. I didn't go, they loved it.
4. We talked to other skiiers and said the other ski areas were tourisy, and loved this one.
5. The scenery was absolutely wonderful.
Crested Butte the best ski area I saw. You need to go see it.
June in Trenton

First Family Vacation

We all had a very great vacation. Better than we had expected.
Our Chrildren are pretty well grown, 2 boys in college and one in high school so we thought we better get a family vacation in and thought a ski vacation was in order and we all will be back again. Everyone was veryhelpful and friendly. Hotel was clean, ski people all over the village were very helpful and friendly we all want to move there now but know that is not possible. we will return..Thank youCrested Butte
Paul in Denver

A Very Challenging Mountain

I really loved skiing Crested Butte. The Headwall and North Face are great expert and extreme areas to ski and wiped me out! I usually ski all day but I couldn't make it past 2:30p the first day.

There was a great beginners area too, so not everyone would be skied out by the tough stuff.