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Banff Squirrel answers Banff Lake Louise questions

At what elevation do the deer turn into elk in Banff and Lake Louise? (asked by Spencer Long)

Well, Spencer, Banff is at 1,463 m (Canada’s highest town, by the way), and this transformation takes place just a bit above that, at around 1,600 m-depending on the weight of the deer. Once you get up to the high alpine, those elk turn into several dozen pikas, who then eat the elk poop that was left behind. Science is a wonderful thing.

Good Morning Gentlemen! In light of last week’s eye-opening report that claims of Sasquatch sightings have been substantiated by DNA proof, I would like to inquire about your level of excitement towards this finding. I for one am thrilled at the prospect of encountering a pair of “bigfeet” in the wild. I would anticipate that with the proper instruction and encouragement and some custom gear, a bigfoot could be trained in the proper forms and techniques of a seasoned skier… stem christies and such. Would you agree with this? Thank you! (asked by Randy Manion)

I do agree, Randy. Now that the evidence is out, I can finally share that I know two Bigfeet in the park who already poach some runs at Lake Louise after dark. They are more partial to snowboarding and inverted McTwists, though, and one was ridiculed for bringing snowblades to the hill last year.

For the deep powder experience how many ‘twoonies’ do you have in your pocket for the best counterweighting? (asked by Daniel Richardson)

Thanks for your question, Daniel. It is actually a complex formula to maintain balance in the deep stuff by using twoonies:
# of $2’s=W (your weight) + NG (number of Gopros on your person) x PD (pants drop, the distance your pants are below your waist, in cms) / Your altitude.

What time of the year do you drain the lake and paint it that color? (asked by Steve Burget)

Excellent question, Steve, thanks. Each lake has its own maintenance schedule, and it also depends on the availability of the painters. Generally we start in the lower lakes in early spring, then move up as the ice thaws. The biggest challenge is getting the fish into our gigantic aquarium before we paint. If you’ve ever owned fish, remember how hard it was to trap them against the glass to move them to their temporary bowl? Try doing that with a giant net hanging from a helicopter…

What’s better $2 Kokanee or meeting a hot Australian guitar playing snowboarder in the village bar and grill? (asked by Loren A. Linden Levy)

I wish I had a twoonie for every time I’ve been asked this question, Loren! While a $2 Kokanee is a guaranteed good thing, the Aussie boarder’s hotness and skill on a guitar is subjective.

If they have fake dreads and are playing Kylie Minogue, I would take the Kokanee. If they have a didgeridoo accompaniment to some grooving versions to classic INXS tunes, it’ll be worth paying a bit more for your brew.

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Banff Squirrel

Unlikely Spokes-Squirrel of Banff and Lake Louise Tourism in Banff National Park. Likes to photo bomb pictures in the park.

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Unlikely Spokes-Squirrel of Banff and Lake Louise Tourism in Banff National Park. Likes to photo bomb pictures in the park.

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